I am not too happy with my retail marketing class I went to take the first test last week online and when I opened it the internet timed out and close so I did not get to take it. I emailed the professor and told her what happened she told me to call blackboard tech support they told me that there was nothing that they could do it had to be done by the professor so I emailed the professor back and did not hear back anything from her and ended up with a 0 for the test.
And now there is also a group project which is getting ready to start next week. I am NOT a fan of group project for online classes the last time I had one for my marketing class the people in my group did not communicate and I ended up doing all the work but they still got credit because it was a group project even know the professor know they didn’t do anything. So I am hoping the group project for this class goes better.

Lucas had his doctor’s appointment this morning.  It went well he’s back up to his birth weight but they would still like to see him weigh a little more so I have to go back next Friday for another weight check. I am continuing to breastfeed and supplement with formula. He is healthy and growing on track and is on track developmently.