Got to love VA weather; snow than 70 degree weather than 50s and rain. Tuesday since it was so nice took Gabriel to playground here at apartment complex; Lucas slept the whole time.

Wednesday morning had Lucas doc appointment which went okay. They wanted him to be back at his birth  weight which he was close but 3 oz off ( he weighs 9lbs 12oz). So they want to make sure he is getting 2oz every 2-3hrs. If I don’t pump enough milk than I supplement with formula. He has to go back in 10 days on the 8th to check weight again than hopefully that will be back on track and than he will not have to go back until he is 2 months old.
After appointment went to my grandma’s because she hadn’t seen Lucas yet. Visited there for a bit than had a evening at home.

Thursday cleaned in morning and painted with Gabriel. Tried to nap when kids did but couldn’t get to sleep. Went to take my test online and the Intetnet froze on me so I emailed professor and told her what happened and she replied back saying to call blackboard tech support and so I did and they said professor has to reset it so now I’m waiting to hear back from professor and hopefully get it straight tomorrow. Hoping that I don’t end up getting an zero on it.
Lucas is very fussy this evening. Gabriel with his dad for the night. Kirby at friend’s house.

Supposed to get a little bit of snow tonight and than again this weekend. I don’t mind the snow but everyone freaks out and goes crazy.