Friday morning worked on school work than went to library to type it up and submit it to professor luckily Lucas napped the whole time which worked out perfectly like I planned. My class is going well after the first 2 chapters I have a 96 in the class which the class is retail marketing and organization.

Saturday morning went to my mom’s for a bit. She got some good pictures of Lucas. My grandma got to hold and feed Lucas. In the afternoon went to a birthday party which Gabriel had a blast playing with two other boys that were there who were 5 and 6. Than spent the evening at home Lucas was a little fussy due to having gas but he calmed down about 11:30.

Sunday morning went to church. I decided to go because I want to keep things the same schedule for Gabriel and he loves going to his Sunday school class plus every one wanted to see Lucas and I missed going last week. Spent the afternoon doing things around apartment. In the evening took the kids over to Kirby’s dad house so they could see Lucas.