This week got started off rough not getting much sleep. Luckily my mom took off Tuesday and spent the day with me. She help me get things organized in the kitchen and also in the bedroom for when we get the crib. We got a lot done went out for a bit Lucas slept through the whole outing. I got sleep last night because Kirby feed Lucas with what I had pumped before so I got like 6 hrs.
Lucas will not latch on because my breast are engorged but at least I am pumping and he is getting breast milk.
Got birth announcements done thanks to my mom because she helped me get the pics and stamps.
Lucas had his doc apt this morning. Some people amaze me sitting in the waiting a mom tells her toddler who is about two she better get her ass over here and sit or else. Than there was a man in there who was on his cell phone telling half his life story and cussing. I wonder if people even think I mean hello you are in a children’s waiting room.
His doctor’s appointment went okay he now weighs 9 pounds and 3 ounces he is back on track and his next appointment is next Wednesday morning.